An inspiring book by an inspiring leader. Jean Case has been in the arena as a technology pioneer and philanthropist, and this book is full of stories and advice to embolden you to take bolder risks and have bigger impact.
- Adam Grant, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Originals

Are you ready to change the world? Be Fearless is a call to action if you strive to lead an extraordinary life and make a difference.

Now a National Bestseller

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Weaving together storytelling, practical tips and inspiration to show that fearlessness is not lack of fear but the courage to overcome it, Be Fearless provides a clear roadmap to anyone seeking transformational breakthroughs in life or work.

Throughout Be Fearless, Jean vividly illustrates these principles through storytelling—from her own transformational life experiences, to Jane Goodall’s remarkable breakthroughs in understanding and protecting chimpanzees, to celebrity chef José Andrés’ decision to be a “first responder” and take his kitchen to the sites of devastating hurricanes to feed the hungry, to Bryan Stevenson’s ambitious efforts to end incarceration inequities, and more. She shares new insights to stories you might think you know—like AirBnB’s tale of starting from scratch to transform the hospitality industry, to John F. Kennedy’s history-making moonshot—and gems from changemakers you’ve never heard of.

These stories, alongside practical tips and inspiration, provide readers with the tools they need to put the Be Fearless principles to work and to change the world.

Make Big Bets & Make History

People can be naturally cautious. They look at what’s worked in the past and try to do more of it, but history-making transformation happens when people strive for revolutionary change.

Be Bold, Take Risks

Have the courage to try new, unproven things and the rigor to continue experimenting. Risk taking isn’t a blind leap, but a process of trial and error.

Make Failure Matter

No one seeks out failure, but if you’re trying new things, the outcome is uncertain. Great innovators make setbacks matter, applying lessons learned and sharing them with others.

Reach Beyond Your Bubble

Innovation happens at intersections. Great and original solutions come from engaging with people with diverse experiences to forge unexpected partnerships.

Let Urgency Conquer Fear

Don’t overthink it. It’s natural to want to study all angles of a problem, but don’t get caught up in the fear of what could go wrong—allow the need to act to outweigh doubts.

What People Are Saying
Melinda Gates, Co-chair Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

If you want to change the world, it helps to be fearless. And if you need a dose of courage, I recommend this powerful collection of stories, evidence, and optimism. Jean Case draws on research and personal experience to provide change-makers with moral support and practical guidance.

Melinda Gates, Co-chair Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Eric Schmidt, Former Executive Chairman, Google and Alphabet

Jean Case has done what many before her have tried but been unable to achieve: break down the essential qualities and principles that drive success. Her book tells us in no uncertain terms what it takes to break through in an increasingly crowded world of ideas. With legitimately surprising research and compelling stories, Be Fearless inspires us all to take risks we usually wouldn’t, conquer the fears that get in our way, and lead a fulfilling life of clear purpose and maximum impact.

Eric Schmidt, Former Executive Chairman, Google and Alphabet
Mellody Hobson, President, Ariel Investments

The stories in this book will inspire and motivate you to be brave and bold in unconventional ways. Jean Case creates a narrative of testimonies that can guide you through any challenge or roadblock. Confronting the status quo can intimidate many, however Be Fearless provides antidotes from thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and everyday people who have defied all odds.

Mellody Hobson, President, Ariel Investments
Tory Burch, Designer & CEO of Tory Burch

Through compelling storytelling, Jean Case shows how bold decision-making and acts of fearlessness have transformed the world. “Be Fearless” stresses one of the most critical components of successful entrepreneurship: discomfort. Her very useful roadmap shows budding entrepreneurs how to think independently and move beyond their comfort zone. Starting a business is not easy, but “Be Fearless” gives entrepreneurs the tools they need to embark—fearlessly—on their own journey.

Tory Burch, Designer & CEO of Tory Burch
Brad Feld, Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist at Foundry Group

When the going gets tough, crack open Be Fearless for a jolt of examples of how entrepreneurs and leaders have broken through and to be inspired to keep pushing forward on your own journey to change the world.

Brad Feld, Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist at Foundry Group
Neil Blumenthal, Co-Founder, Warby Parker

I wish I had Jean Case’s Be Fearless by my side when we were starting Warby Parker. For anyone looking to make a change, start a company, or change the world, Be Fearless provides both the inspiration and tools to make a real impact.

Neil Blumenthal, Co-Founder, Warby Parker

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